Werner Glatt, the pioneer of fluid bed technology 
In 1959, a mere five years after having established his company in Binzen, Werner Glatt and his twelve employees designed and manufactured their first fluid bed machine for the pharmaceutical industry. His aim to continuously improve the state-of- the-art and his credo of having only satisfied customers remain part of the Glatt company’s success today.

Establishment of further subsidiaries:

Glatt AG in Pratteln, Switzerland, specializing in pan coaters

Glatt Air Techniques in Ramsey, USA, the North American sales and service centre

Glatt Pharmatech in Dijon, France, the French sales and service centre

Glatt Pharmatronic in Pratteln Switzerland, the specialized service company for process qualification and validation

Glatt Protech in Broughton Astley, UK, the sales and service centre for Ireland and the United Kingdom

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik in Weimar, Germany, experts in continuous fluid bed processing and general green-field plant engineering

Glatt Systemtechnik in Dresden, Germany, a production site for process handling equipment and experts in material flow logistics.

Glatt Norden, sales and service centre for Scandinavia  

Glatt Systems Private Limited, India, production site for process equipment & product handling equipment as well as sales & service organization for the Indian market  

In 1989, Werner Glatt’s son-in-law, Reiner Nowak, took over  as Managing Director of Glatt GmbH. Reiner Nowak is currently the CEO of Glatt GmbH in Binzen and various subsidiaries, and is president of the whole, internationally active Glatt group. His children Bianca, Mirko, Jay and Ivo have become the third generation of the family to be employed by the Glatt group of companies. 

From left: Mirko, Reiner, Martina, Jay, Bianca and Ivo Nowak