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High Shear Mixer

Tradition and innovations
Various possible fields of application in pharmaceutical industries, food, feed or chemicals industries.

Wet Granulation or Pelletizing.
With or without solvent recovery. In batch or semi-continuous operation.
Glatt wet blenders are suitable for many purposes.

Established world-wide
In successful operation in many countries of the world since more than 15 years.

Glatt VG series

In the VG and VGPRO versions - for extremely fast manufacture of moist granulates.

Glatt TDG series

Top Drive and High Shear.
The optimized agitator allows rotor speeds as high as in conventional wet granulators, therefore process times are equally short.

Many years of experience, successful cooperation and innovative development form the basis for the reliability of Glatt high shear mixers (also forced, moist or wet blenders or vertical granulators).
Glatt high shear mixers allow extremely fast granulation, which is gentle on the product, with high granulate densities and very good particle stability.