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    03.03. - 06.03.2019


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    Ed Godek, Glatt, will give a lecture on "Use of Microwave Resonance Technology to Determine Moisture Content in Batch Fluid Bed Processes":
    One of the most difficult Critical to Quality Attributes to measure in a fluid bed drying process is moisture content of the granulation.  Traditional methods require a fair amount of time to acquire a sample and test it offline.  During this testing time, the moisture endpoint could be surpassed and create issues. NIR is another method utilized, however, there is some difficulty in acquiring a consistent signal due to fouling on the surface of the probe.  This talk will discuss Microwave Resonance technology, which can provide online, non-destructive, consistent measurements of product moisture in real time.  The theory of microwave resonance will be covered briefly, followed by several examples of the technology in use.

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