Our modern equipment technology makes classic and customized applications of various coating methods possible. From basic requirements to customer-specific solutions. We offer you a wide range of innovative pan coating systems. Supplemental units for suspension preparation such as mixing vessels and analyzing units complete the product range.

We develop the optimal coating method for your product by closely collaborating with you at our laboratory facilities. Our technology center includes a test laboratory for process technology processes for coating tablets. The design of our lab systems allows us to quickly and effectively respond to changing demands. Efficient and an exact fit for your individual need.

Do you prefer to experiment in your own production environment? Our processing engineers would be glad to assist you at your facility. You can also rent our Laboratory Coater GC1.

GC 1

Big coating performance for small batch sizes: technically reliable pan coater for optimal film coating results on the smallest scale. Highly efficient processing without time-consuming installation. The perfect laboratory unit for research and development.

  • One Spray nozzle with ABC Technology®
  • Three replaceable drums with volumes of 0.8 , 1.6 and 2.5 l

Flexible, highly efficient film coating talent for high quality tablet coating on a laboratory and pilot scale. With four replaceable drums that can be replaced in a flash for volumes of 1 to 10 kilograms. Suitable for aqueous and organic processes. Learn more.

To make valid and safe transfers from laboratory scale to a production scale, small-scale tests on high-performing pilot systems are needed. We have two pilot systems of different builds available to configure to your specific application.

You determine the optimal processing parameters for your product with us!


Our multi-talented machine for research and development on a laboratory and pilot scale. Flexible enough for the coating of tablets with aquaeous or organic lacquer suspensions or for the pan-coating of particles with sugar sirup. Well-conceived, compact design for quick installation and easy handling.
Interchangeable drums allow the processing of 1.5 to 45 kilograms with the GMPC II, and 19 to 100 kilograms with the GMPC III. Learn more.

Two smart, technically sturdy pan coaters are available for tests with liquid suspensions on a production scale. For your optimal testing on a production scale.

GCC – Explore the New Benchmark in Coating Technology

The GCC was developed specifically for all coating applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and foodstuffs industries. The new coater from Glatt sets new standards in terms of performance and versatility. It stands for consistently high product quality and reproducibility as well as extensive process safety and comfortable handling. Learn more.

GCS 125

Our large multi-talent for producing in 125-liter dimensions: Production system for film coating and sugar coating tablets and capsules while handling the product very gently. For regular surfaces in reproducible quality.

Our well-equipped IPC laboratory makes it possible to comprehensively determine the properties of tablets and parameters for the raw materials used and the end materials.

The following methods of analysis and devices are available:

  • Humidity measurement via infrared drying or Karl-Fischer titrator
  • Tablet hardness tester
  • Tablet friabilator
  • Tablet disintegration tester
  • Rheometer
  • Optical microscope
  • Diverse analytical and product scales