Developing optimal technology processes for manufacturing your innovative products is the focus of our activities. Our expert team of highly qualified engineers from various areas of expertise and experienced technicians work closely together with specialists from your company to develop groundbreaking solutions to help your success. For structuring and processing your products of tomorrow.

In our process engineering laboratory you can perform feasibility tests for your product using our processes and optimize the process according to your specific needs. However you prefer it.

Various processes, extensive process know-how and always state-of-the-art systems are available to you for the innovative development of your products. We can already determine in the development phase what is technically feasible and what is not. At the same time, we use our technical expertise to adapt existing processes and systems to the specific needs of your product. You benefit from a maximum level of flexibility so your product will be ready for marketing faster. Your decisive edge in the highly competitive market.

Realize your production ideas by accessing innovative technologies!

You can benefit from our experience in product optimization. We improve the properties and manufacturing processes of your established products in cooperation with you through systematic experimental analysis.

From laboratory scale to production maturity, your coating process will be optimized step by step and tested on-site if desired. We offer various processing options, extensive process know-how and systems that are the most current state-of-the-art. Our many years of practice in this area guarantee you the optimal exploitation of technological possibilities.

Make use of all the potential that slumbers in your products with us!

Develop your customized processes for customized products with us. Our technical capacities permit seamless scale-up all the way to production scale. We can set up your manufacturing process exactly to your specifications for the production of large-size batches. Customized and process-optimized.

The safe scale-up from laboratory to production scale for guaranteed product properties requires reliable tests of high-performance pilot systems. Here, technical configurations are tested, stability tests are conducted and all relevant parameters for designing production processes are determined.

The process development always takes place in close collaboration with you. Your product know-how and our specific technology and processing know-how are an ideal combination for the best results.

Rely on a safe scale-up and valuable know-how transfer for your optimum process performance.

Would you like an overview of our technologies or to get to know them in detail? You can benefit from the knowledge and experience of our processing experts in our professional seminars and workshops. In theory and in practice. At our place or yours.

We train the principles of the processing technology and the application-specific processes. We instruct operators and introduce them to the possibilities of our lab systems and how to handle them. To better meet your needs, we can also organize custom trainings or on-site trainings at your business or in the Technology center in Pratteln upon request.

Our extended range of trainings can be viewed here.

Take advantage of our expertise for your processing!