Our activities focus on innovative solutions for the design of tailor-made high-performance powders using our new powder synthesis technology, as well as intelligent solutions for the production and functionalization of granules and pellets from powders and liquids based on fluid bed and spouted bed technology. Our team of experts consisting of highly qualified engineers from different fields and experienced technicians will work closely with your specialists in order to develop groundbreaking solutions for your success. For the design and processing of your future products.

Are you looking for a development partner to create a tailored design of your next generation of powder materials?

As a pioneer in the development of customized particle systems, we can guide you through the development and manufacture of high-performance powders, tailored exactly to your particular application, at our laboratory in Weimar, using our groundbreaking powder synthesis technology.

With this novel powder synthesis technique, our interdisciplinary team is able to tailor your specific material properties – such as stoichiometry, phase composition, crystallinity, activity, and particle structure (porosity, pore size, pore distribution, and surface functionality) – in a way that enables your high-performance materials to achieve the results you are looking for. The process is scalable to suit each specific customer and allows you to not only manufacture your innovative products on a cost-effective, industrial scale, but also launch them on the market quickly.

Benefit from our innovative powder synthesis technology when creating your trailblazing materials and developing your unique products. We are with you every step of the way – from the initial concept to rapid launch on the market.

In our process laboratory, we offer you the opportunity to test your product on the technical feasibility with our processes and to optimize the process according to your specific requirement. The way you want it.

Various methods, extensive procedural know-how and state of the art equipment are available for the innovative development of your products. We can already determine in the development phase what is technically feasible and what is not. At the same time, we use our technical expertise to adapt existing processes and systems to your specific product requirements. You will benefit from a high degree of flexibility in order to bring your product to market faster. Your decisive advantage in a highly competitive market.

Realize your product ideas by using innovative technologies!

Take advantage of our experience to optimize your products. Together with you, we will improve the properties and manufacturing processes of already established products in systematic experimental tests.

From laboratory scale to production maturity, your manufacturing process is optimized and tested step by step. We offer you various procedural options, extensive process know-how, and state of the art equipment. Our extensive experience in this area, as well as experience as a contract manufacturer with a wide range of products and processes, ensure the optimal use of the technical possibilities.

Use the full potential dormant in your products!

Do you want to develop the products in your company or optimize and test appropriate processes locally? Glatt provides laboratory facilities as loaners on a temporary basis.

You can sit back and relax: we make sure that the delivery, set-up, commissioning and pick-up of the system is on-time. Our technicians will give you extensive instructions to make sure you can take advantage of all system options. Of course we will be available with help and advice during the rental period.

Use our laboratory devices for individual tests in your company!

Devices for rental:
ProCell LabSystem standard version
Fluidized bed / spray coating laboratory system (continuous/batch)
ProCell LabSystem PRO version
Pelletizer P 50
Basket extruder GBE 200
Batch fluidized bed laboratory system Mini-Glatt / Midi-Glatt
Accessories such as dehumidifiers, hot-melt modules

Other devices on request.

Develop your customized processes together with us for tailor-made products. Our technical capabilities allow for a seamless scale-up, all the way to production. This means we can adapt the manufacturing process precisely to your requirements for the production of large batches. Custom-made and with an optimized process.

A safe scale-up from laboratory to production scale with guaranteed product characteristics requires rigorous studies on high-performance pilot systems. Here, technical configurations are tested, stability tests performed, and all relevant parameters for the design of the production processes are determined.

Processes are always developed in close cooperation with you. Your product know-how and our specific technology and procedural know-how are the perfect combination for the best results.

Rely on a safe scale-up and a valuable transfer of know-how for your optimal process performance!

Are you looking for a reliable partner to manufacture small amounts of marketing samples? We would be happy to take over the production for you. Quickly. Effectively. According to your specific requirements.

Whether you’re interested in powder synthesis or in fluidized bed processes, our technology center has everything you need to produce  product samples, we have multifunctional laboratory equipment with larger process inserts as well as flexible pilot systems and a modern production facility available to you in our technology center.

Take advantage of our innovative technologies for your marketing samples!

Is your production capacity maxed out? Do you want to use the time until starting your own production in a different way? Or is in-house production out of the question for the manufacture of niche products? We manufacture on your behalf!

We are perfectly equipped for the special requirements in the areas of food, feed and fine chemicals. Our modern equipment and our many years of experience guarantee the highest quality – even for the most demanding requirements. The Glatt machine service ensures high availability of production facilities and quick adaptation of the processes to the different tasks. You are on the safe side thanks to our certification according to ISO 9001: 2015 for the entire company at the Weimar location and thanks to an established HACCP system for our subcontracting area.

Rely on our comprehensive service portfolio for subcontracting:

  • innovative powder synthesis technology for manufacturing high-performance materials with precisely configured particle properties,
  • all traditional fluidized bed batch process and continuous spray granulation for manufacturing, refining, functionalizing, and optimizing granulates and pellets,
  • scale-up for easy transfer of laboratory results to production scale,
  • recipe-driven process control,
  • process documentation of all batches for traceability and quality control,
  • in-process control – quality monitoring in our own analytics laboratory,
  • if needed all logistics from raw material procurement to shipment, including environmentally sound disposal of waste.

Our group of companies offers a uniquely broad range of processes, devices and systems. A comprehensive platform for customer- and application-specific development processes. When partnering with Glatt for your development project, you have the entire potential of our powder synthesis technology and our versatile granulation and coating techniques at your disposal.

To make your visions come true, we rely on our vast expertise and many years of experience in the development of groundbreaking technologies. To do so, our team of experts uses the most modern methods in the development of processes, technical solutions, or special applications. Of course secrecy is maintained.

Take advantage of proven and innovative technologies for your future products! Let’s talk about your ideas and let’s move forward together.

Premium services are what we’re known for – for our customers’ satisfaction. This is why we also set strict quality assurance standards. All procedures are certified according to DIN ISO 9001: 2015. In addition, our production is subject to official control via the food manufacturing permit.

Our quality maxims – the key to your satisfaction:

  • During the inspection of incoming goods, we verify your raw materials for transport damage and retained samples.
  • In-process control, final inspection and approval are carried out according to specification.
  • We provide reliable documentation of the processes for batch-accurate traceability of your products.
  • Numerous devices are available in our modern analytical laboratory to ensure the quality of raw materials and manufactured products according to specification.
  • We provide analytical services too, even without further use of our technology center.
  • We train our employees continuously in process management and hygiene.

Do you want to learn about our processes in overview or in detail? Take advantage of our knowledge and the experience of our process specialists in professional seminars and workshops. In theory and in practice. At your plant or ours.

We train on the fundamentals of process technology and on application-specific processes. We instruct operators and introduce them to the possibilities of our lab equipment and how to us it. On request, we also organize special training courses.

You can find our advanced training courses here

Take advantage of our expertise for your processes!