Animal Health

Compliance plays a critical role in drugs for animals especially. After all, a drug can only be effective if it is accepted and taken. But many active ingredients have an unpleasant taste. Taste masking of APIs is therefore necessary, especially for animal drugs to make sure the product is taken at all. We offer innovative solutions for the appropriate functionalization of your active substances.

Simple formulation concepts, such as the addition of flavoring substances, are usually not successful in achieving a neutral taste and thus an accepted product. Coating the active substance can be problematic too due to the size or shape of the particles.

With our many years of experience and proven expertise in the development of taste-masked formulations, we have appropriate process technologies to implement taste-neutral products.

A proven approach is micro-pelletizing the API with the subsequent application of functional coatings. Micropellets with very high active ingredients content can be manufactured with our innovative MicroPX™ and CPS™ technologies, for example. In this process, the active ingredients are incorporated directly into the pellet matrix, without using starter pellets.

The taste-masked APIs can then be processed in different forms, including ODTs, MUPS tablets, chewable tablets, sachets, stick packs or oral fluids. As a result, the products can be so well accepted by the four-legged patients that the drug therapy may even taste like a reward.

Use our innovative solutions for the development of veterinary medicines with added value!