Older people often suffer from several diseases, which usually requires the simultaneous intake of various drugs. One of the key requirements on geriatrics is to keep this multi-medication tolerable and safe. Optimal solutions are multiparticulate systems, for example for combination preparations or patient-centered dosage forms.

The requirements on geriatric medications are many, ranging from easier ingestion to precisely adjustable dosing, through to minimizing intake errors and adverse drug reactions or drug events.

Multiparticulate systems provide innovative answers to these multiple challenges, whether in the area of combination products, improvement of patient compliance – by more easily ingestible micropellets, for example – or in the optimization of dosing.

We have extensive expertise in the development of multiparticulate systems with a variety of solutions for suitable compositions and patient-centered dosage forms – designed to meet the requirements in geriatrics.

Take advantage of our vast expertise in multiparticulate systems for the development and manufacture of your innovative geriatric drugs! For your edge in the market.