Pediatric medicines have special requirements on the composition and dosage form, for example in terms of size, taste and dosage The optimal solution for child-friendly medicines is provided by multiparticulate systems, especially when it comes to achieving simple, age-appropriate customizable doses and the best patient compliance.

No matter whether it is the optimization of taste, age-appropriate dosage form, or customizable doses according to the weight and age of the child – we can help you develop and manufacture your pediatric drugs with innovative solutions. Take advantage of our expertise for multiparticulate systems!

We have specific know-how for the development and production of micropellets with taste-masked formulations. Our innovative multiparticulate systems also allow for an exact adjustment of the dosage –based on the body weight of the child.

In addition, our multiparticulate systems allow flexible dosage forms that are appropriate for the age groups of the children. Capsules or dispersible tablets, whose content can be administered using a spoon in liquids or food products, are possible. Orodispersible mini tablets, drinking straws, or dried syrup offer more opportunities for a child-friendly formulation.

Benefit from innovative, child-friendly formulations and dosage forms that make you unique in the market! Because patient compliance is a key criterion for the healing success of pediatric medicines. And thus for your success in the market.