Clinical test samples

On the journey from newly developed substance to approved drug, we will assist you with services concerning the manufacture and logistical management of clinical test samples. Our modern facilities and quality-assured processes allow the GMP compliant manufacture of placebo and verum for clinical studies in the laboratory and on a pilot scale.

Our services include the manufacture of clinical test samples for all solid dosage forms that can be implemented with our current capacities.
The close interconnection between our GMP-compliant development and production resources guarantees consistent quality and a reliable service for the planning and provision of your test samples through all clinical phases.

Furthermore, we are able to make the packaging available in HDPE bottles for small studies. On request, we can also take care of the advanced management of your clinical test samples, together with specialized partners – whether for larger batches, additional types of secondary packaging and labeling, to blinding and randomization, and through to handling logistics and the shipment to test centers.

Take advantage of short lines of communication and combined resources on your journey to introducing your new product to the market.