Formulation & technologies for solid dosage forms

Our expertise is in the development and manufacture of solid dosage forms with particular experience in multiparticulate systems, such as pellets and micropellets, which are further processed into final pharmaceutical dosage form. Innovative solutions for your product ideas through our customized formulations and smart technologies – that is our specialty.

Three things are united in our services: fundamental product expertise, many years of experience in pharmaceutical formulations for solid dosage forms, and innovative technology competence.

Our development experts develop strategies and formulation concepts for every type of requirement for solid dosage forms: from customized release profiles and enhanced bioavailability to taste masking and chemical stabilization. Smart solutions for your market success.

In addition to aqueous processes, we can also process organic solutions and suspensions or perform hotmelt processes. We also provide innovative, continuous process technologies for proven standard granulation and pelleting processes .

Benefit from our know-how, our innovative technologies and comprehensive capacities for developing and manufacturing the following dosage forms:

Micro-/ granules

Micro-/ pellets

Mini-/ tablets

MUPS tablets



Fixed dose