Feasibility studies

Anything is possible! But under what conditions and with what results? Whether Greenfield, Brownfield, reconstruction, relocation of production, or expansion of capacity – an in-depth expert examination of the specific conditions for your project effectively and cost-effectively minimizes your risk. You will always be on the safe side.

Our customers very much appreciate and continue to benefit from our expertise in implementing feasibility studies. You will benefit from our technological know-how as a leading manufacturer of production equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as from our regional expertise in different growth markets.

Due diligence

We will inspect your property or object with regard to its technological, ecological, supply and permit suitability. Our expertise will provide you with an exact description of your property’s or object’s condition based on pre-arranged testing points. We will issue assessments regarding the risk potential or provide you with information on additional test requirements, e.g. with respect to legal or supply security.

GMP review

We check planning documents or premises for GMP conformity or suitability for contract manufacture. In doing so, we will use our experience in collaborating with the pharmaceutical industry for more than 60 years. Our engineers know exactly what matters to you.