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Glatt Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals provides product, technology, and system expertise for the entire value chain, from particle design to industrial production. We focus on powder synthesis and fluidized bed processes for developing, manufacturing, optimizing, and refining powders and bulk materials such as granulates and pellets. Our challenge is to create solutions for implementing your product ideas.

As a pioneer in fluidized bed technology and spouted bed technology, we have more than sixty years experience in path-breaking process solutions. Processes may range from spray granulation of liquids, agglomeration of powders, coating for the functionalization of particles or the encapsulation of liquids to the stabilization of sensitive substances. We have an intelligent solution for every application.

With the introduction of our technology for powder synthesis, we took another step forward in 2015 as pioneers for groundbreaking technologies. This technology marks a first, enabling you to use high-temperature processes for creating extremely homogeneous powder materials that offer an unparalleled level of potential for high-performance applications – as well as allowing you to develop particles with new combinations of properties.

The innovative Glatt PHOS4green technology for producing ready-to-use, high-quality phosphorus fertilizers from sewage sludge ash only makes phosphate available from local resources. The technology also permits heavy metal depletion in the ash suspension and makes a valuable contribution to the ecological closure of the nutrient cycle.

As a result, we can now offer you complete solutions for innovative products throughout the entire value chain – from primary particle manufacturing to functionalization, right up to the production of ready-for-use granulates. Wherever powder is developed, created, and processed, our groundbreaking technical methods for functionalizing particles deliver the right solution – whether the application involves additives for food or animal feed, construction and raw materials, catalysts, ceramic material or pigments, fertilizers, plant protection preparations, or even detergents. You will benefit from optimized quality and improved properties in your products when it comes to material properties, functionality, further processing, transport, and storage. As a result, you can offer your own customers significant added value by providing products with optimized properties.

Process development from the laboratory phase to full production scale takes place in our state-of-the-art technology center in Weimar, Germany. The technology center offers our innovative Glatt ProAPP® reactors for powder synthesis as well as the newest generation of tried-and-tested continuous fluidized bed and spouting bed systems. As your technology partner, we are there for you every step of the way. You supply your ideas and product expertise. We offer you our cumulative knowledge in process technology and our many years of equipment expertise.

Based on a reliable scale-up, we devise and deliver customized production lines for manufacturing, processing, and refining solid materials. We support you from the initial idea to the installation of your system. And, if required, even up to the construction of a new plant. We can also integrate additional technologies through our cooperation partners and licensors if needed, starting with consultation on planning and construction, and extending all the way through to delivery and commissioning of the equipment or construction of a plant. You can rely on us. And after project completion, we are there for you with after-sales service.

Would you prefer not to do the manufacturing yourself? You can manufacture your products through contract manufacturing at one of our production sites.

Benefit from innovative system solutions from one source. To keep you in the lead.