Plant Modification

Whether product change-overs, process optimizations, adaptation to statutory requirements, or modernizations – there are many situations that require a modification of your plant. Our many years of experience make us a competent counterpart when it comes to optimizing your process and modifying your systems accordingly.

Whatever you have planned, we inspect your plant for the new requirements. We will let you know what the possibilities are and what makes sense economically. The foundation of all plant modification projects is a technical concept, which we will develop together with you. But we are by no means limited to Glatt systems.

No matter what it is – we’ll get your system ready for the future. Take advantage of our extensive technical know-how!

We adapt your system to statutory requirements.
Whatever their names are – ATEX, CE, UL, DIN, VDE, AD, or ASME, …- legal requirements are always changing. We keep track and inform you of the current status. Which rule comes into force at what time, whether it affects your systems, and what you must do to meet the new requirements.

We convert your system for new technologies and processes.
New products often require different processes. Many process innovations can be realized in existing plants, as long as they can be usefully converted with the respective technologies. From modern control systems and WIP cleaning systems to new filter technologies – there are many possibilities.

We ensure a smooth relocation of your plant.
New construction, conversion, relocation? Moving a plant is usually costly. Many things need to be checked and decided. From the suitability of the new location to checking local regulations and clarifying technical details. You can fully rely on our expertise.

No matter what your system needs – as your technology partner, we will find the ideal solution for you.