Technical Hotline

Do you want to speak to an expert? Do you need competent technical support? You can count on us. We can be reached around the world and are ready to quickly and effectively help you with technical questions and emergencies.

We reply to your email queries within 24 hours on business days. And we have set up a contact form for you in case of emergency. There, you can enter all required information so we can react quickly. Of course we are also available by phone. And, if so desired, we can arrange for a personal hotline to one of our service staff, based on an individual agreement. Worldwide.

Your contact persons at the Weimar location:

Olaf Willert
E-Mail: o.willert[at]glatt-weimar(dot)de
Tel.:     +49 3643 47 – 1314

Lenke Kramer
E-Mail: l.willert[at]glatt-weimar(dot)de
Tel.:    +49 3643 47 – 1240

Holger Aderhold
E-Mail: h.aderhold[at]glatt-weimar(dot)de
Tel.:    +49 3643 47 – 1312

Our service form can be found here