Areas of Application

Powder, granulates, and pellets are processed with customer-specific properties in almost all industries.

This targeted method of designing new powder types with precisely tailored, innovative properties is establishing new horizons for customized products, enabling them to be applied in a whole range of areas and offering tremendous economic potential for use in a completely new set of applications.

Granulates and pellets are easier to transport and easier to dose compared to powder or liquids. Depending on the application, they too can be configured with additional properties to facilitate further processing or application, thus giving the product added value.

Regardless of whether your focus is physical properties such as particle structure, composition, surface texture, bulk density, solubility, compactibility or dosability, – almost anything is possible with our processes. Refined granules or pellets are most commonly used in the chemical industry, food industry and animal feed. But we have also developed special solutions for many other industries. Individual applications – as diverse as our customers.