Chemicals & chemical additives

One of the biggest driving forces for innovations in almost all manufacturing sectors is the chemical industry. High-tech materials and tailored functionalized starting materials are the solutions to tomorrow’s problems and are spurring on the future of innovation. Gain an advantage over your competition in the powder materials sector with outstanding new functions, and elevate their performance by converting them into granulates or pellets with tailored, customer-specific properties which are perfect for processing.

Sustainable high-performance powders
Whether you are dealing with components, devices, equipment or consumer goods, demands for product functionality and service life are increasing across the globe. As a result, research and development in the chemical industry is constantly facing new challenges when it comes to innovative developments for substances and materials. Complex particle systems for high-performance powders with application-specific functionalization and exceptional performance are particularly in demand. Despite the great strides made in innovation over recent years, today’s powder manufacturers still focus on an extremely narrow spectrum of materials. The standard powder materials that are usually available only offer limited options when it comes to function and performance. By contrast, our innovative technology for powder synthesis enables accurate configuration of material properties exactly as per your specifications, allowing the development of high-performance powder materials never before seen on the market. The intelligent solution for the materials of the future.
A few example applications:
Paint/varnish effect and special pigments, catalytic powders, ceramic powders, battery materials etc.

Functional granulates and pellets for a wide range of applications
Advancing automation and growing demands on safety and sustainability, in sectors including the bulk materials one, have led to the need for innovative products such as granulates or pellets with functionalized properties.

Your requirements may include:

  • Producing evenly structured granulates with a tight surface which causes very little friction during application, storage, and transport
  • Obtaining industrial salts from a highly concentrated solution
  • Improving the effect of detergents while at the same time fulfilling the stringent requirements regarding environmentally harmless cleaning processes – and complying with criteria for handling and dosing
  • Producing fertilizer with a pronounced depot effect or a directed supply of nutrients
  • Manufacturing pesticide granulates made with solutions, emulsions, and suspensions that offer significantly improved dispersibility and, at the same time, reduced health risks without unwanted signs of drift during output
  • Safeguarding active substances such as enzymes against external influences using a defined protective covering, or releasing these substances in a targeted way

Our technologies for granulation and coating offer you the opportunity to enter new markets with new products. For example, spray drying is often not necessary and the granule can be manufactured directly from the liquid. The innovative Glatt PHOS4green technology for producing ready-to-use, high-quality phosphorus fertilizers from sewage sludge ash not only makes phosphate available from local resources. The technology also permits heavy metal depletion in the ash suspension and makes a valuable contribution to the ecological closure of the nutrient cycle. We will think it through together with you from synthesis to product. And we will develop a process solution that is perfect for you.

Specific example applications:
Copper oxychloride, copper hydroxide, imidacloprid, neonicotinoids, calcium chloride, sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, lithium chloride, methylene urea, mixed fertilizer, NPK fertilizer, surfactants, polymers, heavy-duty detergent, phosphonates, detergent enzymes, fragrances and flavors, and many more besides.

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