TYAML - Yet Another Multicolumn Layout for TYPO3

APPtec® powder synthesis systems

Are you looking for future-oriented solutions to manufacture and functionalize material structures in a customized way – allowing your products to achieve unparalleled performance? Do you want to develop powder materials with exceptional properties and manufacture them yourself? Our revolutionary powder synthesis technology, APPtec®, provides you with groundbreaking solutions for the increasing number of challenges arising for innovative particle design.

The continuous spray granulation technique enables you to develop and manufacture high-performance powders which are specifically tailored to your application. What's more, the APPtec® synthesis reactor ProAPP combines diverse process options into a single system. You can therefore choose between different processes such as powder synthesis, thermal treatment, coating, activation or drying, or combine processes into a single cost-effective process step. Our groundbreaking solution to give you the edge on the market.

Discover our high-tech systems, designed to help you develop and manufacture your pioneering material.


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