TYAML - Yet Another Multicolumn Layout for TYPO3
  • Feasibility tests

    Feasibility tests

  • Product optimization

    Product optimization

  • Loaners & rental systems

    Loaners & rental systems

  • Process development/ Scale-up

    Process development/ Scale-up

  • Product sample manufacturing

    Product sample manufacturing

  • Contract manufacturing

    Contract manufacturing

  • Order development

    Order development

  • Quality assurance

    Quality assurance

  • Training


  • Powder Synthesis

    Powder Synthesis


At the core of our activities are innovative solutions for the design of customized high-performance powder with our new powder synthesis technology, as well as intelligent solutions for the manufacture and functionalization of granulates and pellets from powders and liquids based on fluidized bed and spouting bed technology. Our team of experts consisting of highly qualified engineers from different fields and experienced technicians will work closely with your specialists in order to develop groundbreaking solutions for your success. For the design and processing of your future products.

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