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    TTC awarded 3 Poster Prices at 7th International Granulation Meeting in Sheffield.

    During the renowned 7th International Granulation Meeting from 1st-3rd July 2015 organized by the University of Sheffield, TTC (Technology Training Center) awarded the 3 best posters and congratulated the young scientists:

    Award 1: Eduard Eichner, Hamburg University of Technology, „Fabricating of hierarchically assembled ceramic polymer composites using a spouted bed spray granulation process.

    Award 2: Géraldine AM Broeckx, University of Antwerp, „Protective effect of sugars on the viability of lactobacillus rhamnosus gg after spray-drying”

    Award 3: Edith Goldnik, Clausthal University of Technology, ”Preparation and characterisation of adsorbents by granulation and extrusion”

    More than 400 high-level attendees from industry and academic field covered the newest trends and developments in granulation, and also in coating and pelletizing for pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

    Poster Eduard Eichner (pdf) Poster Géraldine AM Broeckx (pdf) Poster Edith Goldnik (pdf)

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