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    Approved to produce vital medicines

    Cipla has announced that its upgraded Mirren facility has been approved by SAHPRA to meet the high demand for critical medicine. This and the fact that its production is set to help grow the beleaguered economy, comes at a time when South Africa desperately needs good news.

    A good choice of expert technology

    The improvements at Cipla Mirren include the construction of a new granulation suite, while the existing granulation and packaging suites as well as the raw materials warehouse have been upgraded. The refurbished facility also includes a laboratory, finished goods warehouse and new air-handling and water-cooling system. In terms of new equipment, the company installed a Glatt Integrated Batch Granulation Line, among others, to increase capacity, improve safety and drive efficiencies. Glatt’s solution was the best match for Cipla Mirren’s needs and offers the additional benefit of a significant improvement in safety for the machine operator. Miller adds that the local team was guided by its major shareholder, Cipla India, in its view that Glatt is a leader in pharmaceutical technology and processing machinery.

    P&C Review, May 2020, p. 14 - 15, PHARMA FOCUS// Drug Formulation & Design, Author: Abby Vorster

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