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    The use of Real-Time At-Line Particle Size Measurement on a Pelletization Process for Accurate End-Point Prediction

    The direct pelletization process is a fast and flexible operation with the potential to produce high quality particles appropriate for sophisticated oral solid dose formulations where a narrow Particle Size Distribution (PSD) is...[read on]


    Project Management in Clinical Development

    Clinical research activities are often carried out by external service providers. The interfaces between the internal Project Management Organization of the client and the Project Management Organization of the service...[read on]


    Pharmaceutical Services -

    the missing piece of the puzzle has been added[read on]


    The path to the perfect sphere

    The renaissance of pellets is promoting innovative technologies[read on]



    Die Glatt Ingenieurtechnik gehört zu den 150 innovativsten Unternehmen Ostdeutschlands.[read on]


    Partikel im Zwiebel-Look

    Trocknung von Flüssigkeiten durch Wirbelschicht-Sprühgranulation[read on]

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