Drum coating

Solutions for coating tablets and capsules.

Drum coating is the oldest method for coating and refining pharmaceutical substances. It is particularly suited for encasing large, non-fluidizable particles such as tablets, capsules or very large pellets.

Whether your product needs to be protected from environmental influences, you need to color-code your tablets, visually improve them or want to modify the release of the active substance in a specific way, or whether you want to mask an unpleasant taste or make it easier to take your product: With this method, very different requirements can be met. However you prefer it.

The aspects mentioned under “Fluidized bed coating” largely apply to this process as well. There are only a few differences in the way the film coating material is applied. The spray equipment and a homogeneous, thorough mixing through gentle, controlled movement of the product are decisive for achieving the most even distribution of the coating material possible. The time-proven solution for refining your tablets, capsules and pellets.