HP Spray Coating

The all-in-one solution for pellets

This process variant is optimally suitable for pellet production because it offers the possibility of combining a dry powder layering process with a subsequent film coating spray process as a one-vat process.

In HP spray coating, the product is sprayed from the side – tangentially to a circle at the bottom of the container, so to speak. This option is basically similar to bottom spray coating (Wurster process). However, in this method, the even motion of the product is produced either through a motor-driven disk (rotor) or by a specially made Conidur® flow bed, which ensures a defined airflow for product fluidization. Apart from this, the primary processing parameters are the same.

HP spray coating ensures an even coating and a very high film quality. The procedure is perfectly suitable for achieving controlled active substance release.

As with bottom spray coating, the rotor coating process assures even product motion by defining a rotational speed for the rotor. The coating material is applied through a nozzle that extends into the product bed. This prevents undesirable spray drying of the coating material.

HP Tangential Spray Coating

by Fluidized Bed