Solutions for creating layered pellets

For layering, one or more substances are applied in layers to a starter pellet. The layering process is similar to a film coating process. Often the applied layers are significantly thicker – the weight can increase up to several hundred percent.

Substances can be applied in layers to the core as a solution, suspension or powder. By adding suitable supplementary materials, different characteristics in the active substance layer can be achieved. As a carrier material, neutral pellets of 100 micrometers or larger are used.

Suspension / Solution layering

The classical solution for layered build-up of pellets

The most popular process variant for constructing pellets is coating a core with a suspension or solution. By spraying on the layering fluid, an active substance layer with the desired amount of active ingredient can be achieved.

In most cases, film coating follows the layering process. The quality of the coated pellets depends strongly on the quality of the prepared active substance pellet: round form, smooth surface, narrow particle size distribution.

The result re round pellets with a dense structure and even surface. These – depending on the active substance utilized – can be enhanced for multiple product properties. Ideally suited for your individual application.

Dry powder layering

The efficient solution for layered build-up of pellets

Dry powder layering is a process for constructing active substance pellets by coating a starter core with an ingredient in powder form. This is done with the help of a binding solution fixed to the starter core. The advantage of this process compared to layering with liquid active substances is that the processing time is significantly reduced which leads to a higher efficiency. With optimal process settings, hourly weight gains of up to 300 percent are possible.

For powder layering, we use the rotor process. The micro-fine substance is sucked into the processing chamber through a powder nozzle.

The result are dust-free, very round active substance pellets with a narrow particle size distribution. The efficient solution for refining and functionalizing solids.