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Powder synthesis with APPtec®

The innovative solution for customized particle design

APPtec® stands for Advanced Pulse Powder technology, and allows you to customize the development of your next generation of powder materials. "APP" is also a play on words, indicating technology that is tailored to the application concerned – because this new technology makes it possible to create particles with specific performance properties, tailored to your application, thanks to a revolutionary advancement in spray calcination. This technique can be applied in every industry sector in order to develop novel particle systems for high-performance applications, using an economical, continuous process. With our groundbreaking technology, the particle structure, composition or surface properties of your powder can be precisely adapted to your requirements in a defined, fully reproducible process. The reactor system's high level of flexibility allows you to adapt the properties to meet your requirements in exactly the way you want:

Almost complete freedom in your chosen chemical composition
A range of possibilities for doped (or undoped) or highly complex oxides

Freely configurable gas atmosphere
Oxidizing or oxygen-free – the choice is yours

Precisely defined particle size and surface
From nano to micro with extremely narrow particle size distribution and fully adjustable surface properties

Precise control of the phase composition via the process parameters
Anything is possible, right up to high-temperature phases

Customer-specific coating and core-shell particles
Individually defined coat thickness, porosity, and activity

Tailored particle design in pulsating hot gas flow
A pulsating hot gas is generated in a specially designed combustion chamber, providing unique thermodynamic conditions for the formation of high-performance powders with exceptional properties. The heat transfer from gas to particle is up to five times higher due to the pulsation of the gas flow, as a result of which the particle formation and phase conversion take place much more quickly. This leads to the formation of unique structures. The process enables something unprecedented – the precise configuration of particles with property combinations which were previously unachievable. What's more, this innovative technique offers various process options such as drying, calcination, particle formation, and particle coating in a single cost-effective process step.

A previously unachievable quality in powder synthesis
The starting material is applied as a powder or sprayed as a solution or suspension into the hot gas flow, where it is then heated. This leads to chemical or mineralogical reactions and a change to the structure, morphology or particle size. As a result of the high degree of turbulence, pulsating gas flows do not demonstrate the same temperature and speed gradients that would typically be found in continuous gas flows. The exact same parameters are therefore applied to all the particles, resulting in a very homogeneous powder. Configuring and regulating the process temperature in a targeted manner prevents the powder particles from aggregating excessively.

Complex particle systems with exceptional properties
The frequency, amplitude, process temperature, and flow speed of the pulsating gas flow can be freely adjusted with an extremely short retention time. This allows materials which tend to crystallize in conventional techniques to be prepared with amorphous structures in order to increase their catalytic activity, for example. This ability to influence reactions in specific ways also enables you to produce pigments with highly complex stoichiometries – something it would not be possible to achieve with more commonly used techniques.

Parameters at a glance

  • Pulsating hot gas flow: up to 300 Hz
  • Homogeneous process temperature: 200 °C–900 °C
  • Flexible, homogeneous retention time: 100 ms–10 s
  • Raw material: Solutions, suspensions, solids

The innovative solution to give you the edge on the market.
Customized for your individual needs.

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