TYAML - Yet Another Multicolumn Layout for TYPO3

APPtec® powder synthesis systems

When it comes to unparalleled particle design and the tailored functionalization of your materials using our groundbreaking APPtec® technology, look no further than our innovative ProAPP synthesis reactor. This opens up a whole range of process options, such as powder synthesis, thermal treatment, coating, activation, and drying in a single system – and if you wish, you can even combine several processes into one cost-effective process step.

Glatt APPtec powder sythesis reactor ProAPP

ProAPP for laboratory and production scale

Our cutting-edge, multifunctional synthesis reactor for manufacturing customized high-performance powders. Its key feature is the specially designed combustion chamber, which creates a controlled, pulsating hot gas flow.
The special thermodynamic conditions in the pulsating hot gas flow – for which you can precisely adjust the frequency, amplitude, process temperature, and flow speed – ensure the formation of unique, clearly defined homogeneous particle structures. It is available in various system sizes, so you can develop and manufacture according to your needs – from small batches to industrial multi-ton production.


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