Lab and pilot systems

Are you looking to produce small amounts for clinical trials? Do you want to test optimal coatings for new tablets? Or just test different coating processes?

Our multi-functional lab and pilot systems for coating processes have proven themselves many times in process development and in reliably transferring from a laboratory scale to a production scale. The modular structure and flexible configuration make it possible to respond quickly and effectively to changing demands.

GC 1

Big coating performance for small batch sizes: technically reliable pan coater with three replaceable drums for optimal film coating results on a very small scale. High process efficiency: The entire housing can be dismantled and reassembled for drum changes or cleaning in a matter of seconds. The perfect laboratory unit for research and development.


Our multi-talented machine for research and development on a laboratory and pilot scale. Flexible enough for the coating of tablets with aquaeous or organic lacquer suspensions or for the pan-coating of particles with sugar sirup. Well-conceived, compact design for quick installation and easy handling.

Interchangeable drums allow the processing of 1.5 to 45 kilograms with the GMPC II.