Production plants

For production, we offer you smart and high-capacity pan coaters for manufacturing tablets. With technically demanding and flexible solutions for your individual coating processes.


Explore the New Benchmark in Coating Technology. Superfast & Superclean
The GCC was created specifically for all coating applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and foodstuffs industries.

This innovative coating solution was developed for extremely fast mixing and coating and can rightly be called the fastest tablet coater in the world. Its wetting area covers a spectrum of 10% to 100% with just one drum.

The new coater from Glatt sets new standards in terms of performance and versatility. It stands for consistently high product quality and reproducibility as well as extensive process safety and comfortable handling.


Revolutionary upgrade of the drum coater series GCSmart. A multi-performer in terms of speed, performance and flexibility with maximum process reliability and top handling. Developed for extremely fast coating, this ingenious range also ensures that product quality and reproducibility remain consistently high. The coater can flexibly accommodate a range of filling levels in the drum, from 10% up to 100%.

Tablet Coater GCC SC®

Explore the New Benchmark in Coating Technology.

Tablet Coater GCSmart

The Fastest Tablet Coating Technology in the World.