TYAML - Yet Another Multicolumn Layout for TYPO3

Lab units

Do you want to experiment with new products? Or test different process options using extrusion or by pelletization techniques ? Our multi functional lab units for extrusion and pelletizing processes have proved their value in many cases. 

GBE 130

Our extrusion talent in lab scale: the continuous Glatt basket extruder GBE 130 for exceptionally fast extrusion. A unique technique in conjunction with easy handling guarantees optimum extrusion.

P 20

The Glatt pelletizing container P20 for ideal spheronization of extrudates convinces by giving best spheronization results with very short residence times. The P20 is used with our 2 in 1 lab unit TMG, which allows granulation and pelletization in one table top unit. 

The modular construction provides optimum adaption to your specific products and for  different processes. Suitable for batch sizes 0.3 to 1.0 liter.

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