The Glatt CPS™ technology (Complex Perfect Spheres Technology) is a further development of the rotor fluidized bed process. It allows for the manufacture of functionalized pellets and micropellets with perfect roundness and surface. Direct pelletizing allows for a variety of drug formulations to be realized in extremely low or very high doses.

Unlike traditional rotor systems, the CPS ™ technology works with a conically tilted rotating disc that allows for a directional particle motion. It is possible to clearly define the end point of the pelletization.

No starter pellets are required for direct pelletizing with the Glatt CPS ™ technology. The concentrations of the active ingredients in the pellet matrix can vary from less than 0.1 percent up to a drug load of 90 percent. Round and evenly shaped pellets are achieved, with precisely defined pellet sizes between 100 and 1,500 micrometers with an extremely narrow size distribution.

Microcrystalline cellulose is often used as an important excipient. The pellet matrix can contain other pharmaceutical excipients, such as polymers, and disintegrating or solubilizing agents.

CPS™ pellets and micropellets are especially suitable as carrier cores for coating applications for an optimized active ingredient release or for taste masking. Optimally defined film qualities can be achieved.

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