TYAML - Yet Another Multicolumn Layout for TYPO3

HP spray system

New to the family of spray systems is the Glatt HP Nozzle (High Performance Spray Nozzle). For increased performance in granulating and coating processes in the fluidized bed. Together with the top spray and the bottom spray nozzle (Wurster nozzle), the HP spray nozzle can be mounted in a product container of our Combo fluidized bed series. For maximum flexibility of your fluidized bed processes.

The HP spray system provides especially effective granulation and coating processes in the under-bed spraying mode. Thanks to the innovative nozzle, potential spray drying effects – which can be especially troublesome with low-dosed active ingredients – are avoided entirely. Coating applications are very effectively and homogeneously applied to the provided substrate with just a few HP nozzles.

HP technology allows for the manufacture of especially dense granules with a reduced fine dust share and optimum flowability at a minimized volume. The bulk density of granules is largely controllable. Porous granules help to achieve especially quick solubility of granules and tablets.

Discover our intelligent solution for even more performance for your granulation and coating processes.

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