The Glatt MicroPX™ technology (micro pelletizing technology) is a continuous fluidized bed agglomeration procedure for the manufacture of pellets and micropellets with a very high active ingredient content. Functional excipients – for example to control the release of the active ingredient or to optimize bioavailability – can be integrated into the pellet matrix.

Unlike the traditional Wurster fluidized bed process, in which starter cores or pellets are coated with the active substance or functional coats, the MicroPX™ technology works without a product template. This new technology allows the manufacture of micropellets in sizes of 100 to 400 micrometers with very narrow particle size distribution and consistent active ingredients contents of 90 to 95 percent.
Pharmaceutical substances are sprayed in liquid form together with the excipients into the MicroPx™ fluidized bed system. Initial spray drying creates product dust at first, which is agglomerated in a controlled manner in the start phase of the process. Subsequently, these primary particles are built up to micropellets in layers to the desired size.
A fundamental component of the MicroPX™ technology is a classifying zig-zag sorter. Micropellets of proper size are continuously discharged from the process via air separation, while particles that are still too small are returned to the processing chamber where they are built up further.

The MicroPX™ technology is the perfect procedure to obtain micropellets for subsequent coating for taste masking.

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