Production plants

We offer a wide range of high-performing mass production technology systems for your fluidized bed processing in batch or continuous production mode. Our modular system concepts permit varied processing options. Just the way you need it.

Fluid bed dryer WST/ Fluid bed granulator WSG

Our proven fluidized bed talent for granulation of solids using the top spray method for a uniform, reproducible quality. High process efficiency through extremely fast drying and gentle product handling. Suitable for batches of 5 to 1,500 kilograms per batch. Further batch sizes available upon request

Glatt Powder Coater Granulator GPCG

Our all-rounder for all fluidized bed processes with maximum flexibility: from simple drying to granulation to pelletizing and demanding particle coating. For uniformly shaped products in reproducible quality. Whether you use top spray, bottom spray or tangential spray – everything is possible. Batches of 5 to 1,500 kilograms per batch. Further batch sizes available upon request By using the corresponding modules, continuous processing is also possible in addition to batch operation.

WS Combo

Our innovative, all-rounder production system for maximum flexibility in processing technology and optimum performance: drying, granulating or coating all in one system. All processing components can be efficiently retrofitted at any time. Clever conversion from top spray to bottom spray in just a few minutes. Product containers for extra-large volumes.


Our fluidized bed performer for efficient granulation drying: round, single-chamber production system for continuous spray granulation of liquids.
The system makes drying liquid raw materials possible in an optimally mixed fluidized bed system while simultaneously creating granulate. Gentle handling of temperature-sensitive materials. Direct granulation of highly viscose liquids is also possible.

AGT System

Our all-round system for maximum processing flexibility: round production system with exchangeable processing chambers for all fluidized bed, spouted bed and rotor processes. Whether spray granulation of liquids or agglomeration of powders, whether coating and powder laying of particles or encapsulation of liquids – everything is possible. Operation can be done continually or batch-wise. Customized for your process.


Our fluidized bed all-rounder for varied process combinations: right-angled, multi-chamber production systems for combining all continuous fluidized bed processes. Whether you need spray granulation or encapsulation of liquids, agglomeration of powders or particle coating – the plug flow through the processing chambers permits processes as well as the subsequent drying and cooling to be combined. Just the way you need it.

GF ModFlex

Our fluidized bed system in modular compact design with an integrated room and zone concept. The modular, ATEX-compliant solution with integrated WIP functionality and plate filter allows continuous spray agglomeration even in limited-height rooms. The low operating costs, among other things, ensure economic-effectiveness, as the concept has been optimized in terms of energy consumption. Commissioning after an installation period of only 12 days is possible because the predefined modules are already pre-installed and pre-assembled. They only need to be plugged in on site and production can be started right after the acceptance test.

GF ModFlex

The modular, ATEX-compliant solution for continuous spray agglomeration.