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SC SuperClean®

Glatt SC SuperClean® is a combination of innovative technical solutions, that combined enable the perfect, reproducible and fully-automated cleaning of your plants. Thus, we have created a new standard that corresponds to the highest GMP and work safety requirements. Discover why SC Super-Clean® is the only technology of its kind worldwide for perfect cleaning!

SC SuperClean® filter
Our SC SuperClean® filters enable fully-automatic filter cleaning on-site. Unlike traditional filters capable of cleaning, our patented blow-out SC SuperClean® filters are mechanically very stable. They have excellent filtering properties while providing a long service life.

Extendable cleaning nozzles and sensors flush with the wall
Every mounting part is a potential interference factor for the process and for cleaning. Not with our SC SuperClean® technology: The cleaning nozzles are extended when water pressure is present and automatically retract to their idle position when turned off, flush with the wall. The pressure sensors are also designed flush with the wall. This prevents any obstruction by measuring hoses or product deposits.

Our solution for optimally reproducible, fully automatic cleaning.

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