TYAML - Yet Another Multicolumn Layout for TYPO3

Stainless steel containers IBC

Whether weighing, blending, storing, transporting or documenting powders and granules: We offer a range of uniform, modular stainless steel containers in square or round designs to suit any application, with or without accessories. Just the way you need it.

Containers undergo a significant load as the connecting element between different processing steps. Depending on the specific requirements, we prepare sturdy stainless steel containers as self-supporting structures or with a torsionally rigid frame. Our range includes GMP compliant stainless steel constructions with a net volume of up to 3,400 liters. We offer enhanced designs for easy cleaning validation particularly for containment applications.

Depending on requirements, our containers can be equipped with supplemental assemblies. Whether you need stacking corners, forklift capability, rollers, filling covers, filters or discharging aids, transport runners for the conveyor, a holder for the batch documentation, a bar code ID, or another accessory module: We can provide you with the needed equipment for any container need. Customized for your individual application.

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