TYAML - Yet Another Multicolumn Layout for TYPO3

Weighing and dosing systems

One of the most important requirements for manufacturing and refining particles from powder or liquids is the accurate and reproducible weighing and dosing of the different excipients and supplemental and active ingredients. We offer you a comprehensive range of premium weighing and dosing systems.

Dosing systems For accurate dosing, we provide various systems, such as rotary feeders, feeders or vibration dosing sieves. Take advantage of high-quality and accurate solutions for reliable results.

Weighing systems for large components
We have the perfectly fitting solution for the direct weighing of raw materials from sacks, big-bags, barrels and containers. Perfectly integrated into the half or fully automatic filling and discharging systems and into your entire process control systems. According to your needs and construction requirements, you have the choice of free-standing or tight-fitting scales flush to the floor.

Weighing systems for small components
You can find the perfect solution for your needs for weighing active substances, additives and supplements from small containers in our portfolio. Our weighing systems for small components not only offer high accuracy, but also allow the results to be documented in paper or digital format with an integrated interface to your process control system. For sensitive, such as UV-sensitive or hygroscopic products, weighing cabinets are available. Our solution for the safety of your processing.

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