TYAML - Yet Another Multicolumn Layout for TYPO3

Production plants

We offer high-performance industrial systems for wet granulation. Our modular system concepts permit multiple processing options. Just as you need it.


Our cost effective high-shear performer: Vertical granulator with patented z-form rotor wings for particularly fast wet granulation with high granulate density and optimal particle stability. Unique technology combined with easy handling. Modular construction for individual configuration and adaption to your specific needs. Suitable for batches of 25 to 2,400 liters.



Our high-shear performer with maximum safety: efficient wet granulator for fast granulation processes with particularly dense granulate with uniform structure. Flexible connecting options for the chopper. High process safety through clear separation of technology and GMP areas. The working vessel can be lowered for easy handling and simple filling, cleaning and inspection. Suitable for batches of 25 to 1,200 liters.


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