Glatt Powder Synthesis

Glatt Powder Synthesis is a revolutionary thermal technique used for manufacturing tailored powder materials with exceptional properties. This technique can be implemented in every industry sector in order to develop novel particle systems for high-performance applications, using an economical, continuous process. Examples of its applications include battery materials, catalytic powders, ceramic materials, or paint/varnish effect and special pigments. The innovative solution for increasing demands on the treatment, functionality, and complexity of your materials.

The advanced spray calcination technique in a pulsating hot gas flow enables exceptional product properties that have been impossible to achieve with the techniques used up to this point. The special thermodynamic conditions also enable the precise configuration of the particles with innovative property combinations. The particle structure, composition or surface properties of your powder can be precisely adapted to your application, exactly as you require, in a defined, fully reproducible process.

A Glatt ProAPP® synthesis reactor is designed in such a way that only the gas flow pulsates in a strictly controlled manner. The reactor itself does not pulsate and is secure.
It enables flexible process options such as powder synthesis, thermal treatment, coating, activation or drying – as individual processes or combined in the system as a single cost-effective process.

Our solution for your pioneering materials.

Video – Glatt. APPtec Reactor for Powder Synthesis


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