TYAML - Yet Another Multicolumn Layout for TYPO3

Spouted bed technology

The Glatt spray coating technology is our innovative solution for the effective and efficient treatment of difficult-to-fluidize products. Thanks to this technology, very small, very large, or irregular products can be refined just the same. The adjustable energy input also makes the processes very economical.

Unlike the fluidized bed technology, air does not exit through a screen bottom in the spray coating process, but through a longitudinal gap in the processing chamber. The air speed can be adjusted by changing the size of the gap. High air speeds at the air inlet gap make sure that large or irregular particles are fluidized too. The high material speed at the nozzle also prevents agglomeration.

A dual expansion inside and above the process chamber ensures a strong drop of the process-air speed. This ensures that fine particles are not removed from the process either.

Due to the high flow speed in the center of the process chamber, even coarse or irregular particles can be fluidized. The process is also stable with sticky and lumpy products.

High spraying performances are possible in the process chamber even with little material present. Assuming an equal throughput, the median retention time of the product is thus lowered compared to the fluidized bed. The precise adjustment of airflow also allows for excellent energy balance. This results in very economical processes.

Our innovative solution to refine difficult-to-fluidize products.

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