TYAML - Yet Another Multicolumn Layout for TYPO3

PRO concept

A plant can never be safe enough. The Glatt PRO concept provides a globally unique standard in terms of safety.

With our PRO concept, operating personnel, environment and products are safely protected at all times. Because with 12 bar pressure shock resistance for closed systems, we offer a unique level of safety.

You may find closed systems with 10 bar pressure shock resistance. But the one of a kind 12 bar with maximum 50 percent weight of a conventional 10 bar system is only found at Glatt. An innovation that unburdens the structure of your building and which provides the ideal prerequisites for perfect handling.

With the optional integration of our SC SuperClean® technology (Link), your plant will be cleaned with a predefined result that can be validated. The PRO technology is available for batch fluidized bed systems,  vertical granulators, sieves, and suction conveyor systems. This will provide you with a total containment system (Link)for your solid material production, if needed.

Simplify your safety measures with our PRO concept: You can forgo pressure-relief channels and explosion isolation between individual machines without hesitation.

Our solution for your production line's safety.

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