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    The purest of pigments for the purest of colours

    Hygienic design in fluidised bed technology

    For companies that manufacture and refine pigments, plant planning has to be underpinned by a clear plant design concept if investment and operational costs are to be kept manageable. The type of end product being manufactured will determine whether the production plant needs to conform to simple chemical industry standards or to more stringent hygiene standards. In this article, fluidised beds and spouted beds are used as examples to show how the interplay between hygienic equipment and the cleaning concept can ensure that the required level of product purity is achieved.

    cpp chemical plants + processes 2/2017, S. 52 - 53

    Autor: Frank Ohlendorf, Planning and Engineering Design, Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals, Glatt Ingenierutechnik GmbH, Weimar

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