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    07.11. - 09.11.2017

    TTC Workshop: Continuous Manufacturing in Pharma

    16 hours hands-on seminar on continuous OSD processing for the pharmaceutical industry. First PRACTICAL pharmaceutical workshop on Continuous Wet Granulation and Direct Compression process lines.

    This workshop is giving a brief theoretical introduction with main focus on hands-on introduction, training, and life demonstration on CONTINUOUS MANUFACTURING of ORAL SOLID DOSAGE within the Pharmaceutical Industry:

    Participants will take active part operating the following processors:

    • Continuous Wet Granulation: a twin screw granulator/extruder integrated with a continuous drying processor, pneumatic conveying, and dry milling (calibrating), all integrated to a supervising control system
    • Continuous Direct Compression: feeding, blending, and compression based on a MUPS (Multiple Unit Pellet System) formulation

    This workshop is the perfect investment for those who wish to acquire practical knowledge of continuous manufacturing processes for the pharmaceutical industry.

    PLACE OF VENUE: TTC Technology Training Center, Binzen, Germany

    Further information & Registration

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