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    24.10. - 26.10.2017

    TTC Workshop: Particle Engineering Across The Lengthscale

    From Nano to Macro

    There is a significant industrial potential of particle technology. In nearly all industries particulate systems are in use to manufacture high quality materials and products.

    Depending on the application different material or product properties are required. To fulfill such demands various processing options are available both in lab and industrial scale. The workshop focuses on engineering issues along the value chain of particulate systems passing the complete range of particle sizes from nanometer, micrometer scale, up to comparable coarse products in millimeter scale.

    A detailed introduction in processing option for powder and grain synthesis, particle enlargement and functionalization of particle systems will be given. Starting from theoretical process engineering basics and characterization methods for dry product forms, the workshop will also handle practical applications to demonstrate the potential of the technology portfolio.

    With this newly designed workshop we introduce this topic to our attendees combining high level expertise from the academic field, from industry and also from Glatt´s own knowledge base. Besides lectures we also use hands-on demonstrations in the lab.

    PLACE OF VENUE: Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, Weimar, Germany

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