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    15.05. - 17.05.2018

    TTC Workshop: Thermal Particle Synthesis & Treatment

    The increasing worldwide demand for improved functionalities and increased service life of components and devices constantly creates new challenges for powder materials and related substance development across the entire value-added chain. This workshop will explain the basic processing principles for powder synthesis with the new method of spray pyrolysis – the APPtec.

    APPtec stands for Advanced Powder Process Technology and allows for controlling product properties of new kinds of powders through specific settings that impact or change the particle structure, particle composition or particle surface properties.

    APPtec is especially suited to produce ultra-fine powders in nano or sub-micro range directly from solutions and suspensions and to perform single stage drying and calcination or sintering of moist powders.

    Summarising, the novel APPtec-method allows for custom-tailoring of industrial powders for a wide range of applications and with great economic potential, including a clear perspective to also expand into new application fields.

    With this newly designed workshop we introduce this highly innovative topic to our attendees, combining high level Expertise from industry and academics with practical demonstrations in the lab including Glatt’s own knowledge base.

    PLACE OF VENUE: TTC Technology Training Center, Binzen, Germany

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