What Really Matters when Managing Pharmaceutical Projects

Pharmaceutical projects are becoming increasingly complex. This is a truism. But what does it actually mean for project execution?

Partnership with the customer with enthusiasm and motivation

From commissioning of the large-scale project to the signed handover protocol in just two and a half years: the project in Mexico for PiSA in cooperation with Excellence United partners was implemented in a remarkably short time and was very successful as well. What was the key to the success of the mega-project?

Beschichtetes Zirkonoxidpulver für die Medizintechnik

Beschichtetes Zirkonoxidpulver für die Medizintechnik: Zusammensetzung und Homogenität der verwendeten Rohstoffe gewinnen in der Medizintechnik zunehmend an Bedeutung. Mit einem weiterentwickelten Verfahren zur Pulversynthese lassen sich besonders hochwertige nano- und mikroskalige Pulver herstellen oder veredeln – zum Beispiel für Dentalimplantate.

How to Tame Recalcitrant Ingredients with Technological Processes

Plant-based functional ingredients behave differently than manufacturers of nutraceuticals and cosmetic products would like. Innovative processes such as double microencapsulation can help them to overcome bioavailability and solubility challenges.

Service is More Than Just a Job

Germany is not a service desert: For pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer Glatt, the after-sales service team is a source of pride.

Coating technology improvements deliver outstanding value for money

The coating process should produce smooth, uniform and taste-masked tablets, capsules, or pellets with a defined degree of solubility. In a manufacturing environment, these results need to be reproducible and the process time short.

HAPILA reaching completion of design for new GMP production plant for APIs

High-potency active ingredient specialist CDMO HAPILA GmbH (HAPILA) is ramping up its production capacity with two new GMP plants now in its manufacturing pipeline.

Fraunhofer IKTS operates world’s first flameless high-temperature powder synthesis plant

The German Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS relies on technology from Glatt to produce high-purity, high-performance oxide materials.

Beyond the equipment – real solutions that add value

Tablets continue to be a popular pharmaceutical dosage form. They are relatively easy to manufacture, package and transport; offer good physical and chemical stability; and facilitate simple and accurate dosing.

Optimising functional ingredients for enhanced nutrition

Fluidised bed and spouted bed processes by Glatt offer manufacturers almost unlimited possibilities in terms of optimised particle design and the functionalisation of ingredients, the properties of which can be fine-tuned using spray granulation, agglomeration, microencapsulation and coating.