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    25.10. - 26.10.2018

    3rd Annual Animal Feed & Nutrition Summit

    In today’s business world strengthening Research and Development (R&D) processes and looking for efficient ways is vital. The most successful strategies for achieving optimal innovation is the major part of any business. Thus, this summit is one of the most important opportunities, where you will explore the best practises for R&D in Animal Feed and Nutrition. Moreover, approaches to developing fast, flexible and well connected R&D processes, necessary to guarantee commercial viability and success of products/services will be explored. It is particularly important for the fields key opinion leaders, most exciting newcomers and others to come together to discuss and learn about the up-to-the-minute trends in Animal Feed and Nutrition. It will bring together experts from all levels including experts from the R&D, analytics, efficiency, testing and quality assurance sectors.

    Madrid, Spain

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