Efficient contract manufacturing: in best and reproducible quality

Your production capacities are at its limits?

Or you would like to have access to our technologies? We are happy to support you with our pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical contract manufacturing.

What our contract manufacturing can produce at your request? This and more: solid dosage forms such as pellets, micropellets, granules, tablets or capsules. We are equipped for aqueous processes and processes with organic solvents. We can also process narcotics. Our contract manufacturing is reliable and operates at the highest technical level, for your benefit.

This is because we specialize in the manufacturing of solid dosage forms and are ideally equipped to meet the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical, food, feed, and fine chemical industries. Our modern technical equipment and many years of experience guarantee you reproducible quality – especially when requirements are high.

The processes we develop for you with our process engineering expertise in process and product development on a small and pilot scale can be transferred to commercial production scale. The result: Gained know-how is easily transferred to the production of the desired batch sizes. Of course, we are also happy to take care of contract manufacturing of already commercially manufactured products. Just the way you need it.