Direct pelletizing: obtains pellets directly from powder

What happens in direct pelletizing? Round pellets are obtained from powdered active ingredients, directly via centrifugal forces.

The result is abrasion-resistant, round pellets that have a defined surface and a narrow particle size spectrum. The regular shape and surface are very suitable for applying uniform films – for example, for controlled release of active ingredients.

In the direct pelletizing process, we also produce micropellets of 100 to 300 micrometers. These pellets often contain microcrystalline cellulose.

Our direct pelleting process – in three steps:

All process steps take place in our fluidized bed plants as a one-pot process.

  • mixing and moistening of the powder
  • rounding out of the moist mass by a centrifugal rotor movement to uniform and dense agglomerates
  • drying of the finished pellets

In addition, we offer these pelletizing processes:

Our equipment for pelletizing your products: