Drum coating – for large, non-vortex particles

This process is particularly suitable for coating and refining large, non-fluidizable particles (such as tablets).

During the drum coating process, the tablets, capsules or very large pellets are moved gently and in a controlled manner in a drum and coated in the process. The key is to distribute the coating material as evenly as possible. This is ensured by the appropriate spray equipment and homogeneous mixing.

The process is similar to spray coating in the fluid bed or spouted bed. There are only some differences in the application of the film coating material.

Incidentally, drum coating is the oldest process for coating and finishing active pharmaceutical ingredients.

How do you prefer your tablets, capsules and pellets?

With our drum coating process, we can meet a wide variety of requirements. Just the way you want it. The coating can:

  • protect them from environmental influences
  • color-code
  • improve visual appearance
  • improve taste (taste masking)
  • make them more ingestible and specifically modify the release of active ingredients (controlled release)